Suzi Cook

Suzi entered the world of arts & crafts as a potter and handbuilder.  She loved creating pots, plates, boxes and etc.  Her dream was to attend a class at Penland, an internationally known craft school, and to become a professional ceramic artist.  However, when she received the chance to attend the school, she chose a class taught by Keke Cribbs and her daughter Alicia Lomne.  Her instructors created beautiful pieces of art using enameled glass mosaics, ceramics and Pate de Verre (a technique using glass paste).  She suddenly realized that there would be more than just clay stored in her art closet.

Suzi returned home with too many ideas and too little time to put them into action.  She began to focus her energy on making jewelry using precious metal clay.  After attending a mixed media jewelry workshop at Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, she learned that she could use just about whatever her heart desired to make pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets. 

Over the years, her work has incorporated found objects, fabric, polymer clay, resin, cement, and glass along with the standard metals found in most jewelry items.  
In addition to her studies at both Penland and Arrowmont, she has taken many workshops at the Sawtooth Center in Winston-Salem, NC, to include painting, creating floor cloths, making glass beads, and fusing glass.  She looks forward to sharing her knowledge of crafts with you.

An online gallery of past work can be seen on Suzi's blog.