YOUR CHILD'S ARTWORK - Bronze on Leather Cuff

Image of YOUR CHILD'S ARTWORK - Bronze on Leather Cuff


The custom cuffs and necklaces using your child's artwork were inspired by my son and his art. I am fascinated by what he draws and how fast he creates. His subject matter is anything from the plastic fruit at my grandmother's house to a sea monster eating another fish. He is so fast and doesn't care about each line being perfect. It is so freeing to see him draw. I wish that I could be more like him - unafraid of making mistakes.

I'm sure that if you are reading this, you feel the same way that I do. I will transform a favorite from your child's or your artwork collection into a custom piece of jewelry to show off. I can make pendants or cuffs. If you have an idea for something else, run it past me and I will see what I can do. For instance, someone recently wanted a necklace with artwork from two grandchildren. Another person wanted the custom plate mounted onto a brass cuff rather than leather.

I use Precious Metal Clay to make the customized plate for the cuff or the necklace. You may convo. me to discuss if you would prefer bronze ($68) or silver ($120).

1) Send me photo of artwork (black sharpie on white paper preferred but can work from most line drawings).
2) I do some photo-editing to clear up any stray marks and prepare it for the photo-polymer process
3) I relist the item as custom order for . . .
4) You pay via paypal
5) I process the order within 2 weeks
6) Ship to you.
7) Unfortunately, this item cannot be returned due to the fact that I am customizing it for you with your personal artwork.